Resource Page: Hiring a Limousine for Prom Season

6:26 PM, Mar 4, 2013   |    comments
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Department of Public Safety
MCCD, Regulations Compliance
959 East Confederate Avenue
Atlanta, GA 30316

Phone: Limousine & Passenger Carriers:
(404) 624-7241
(404) 624-7244

The GA Dept. of Public Safety encourages parents and prom-goers to hire only those passenger and limousine carriers that are licensed by the GA Dept. of Public Safety. 

Check the following databases to ensure that the company you want to hire is legal:

GA Dept. of Public Safety limousine carrier database:

GA Dept. of Public Safety party bus database:

If you find an unlicensed limousine or bus company while researching limousine options, call the GA Dept. of Public Safety at (404) 624-7241 to report such illegal activities.

National Limousine Association (NLA)
Phone: (800) 652-7007

The NLA suggests that parents check with industry associations to make sure the company is reputable. Membership in organizations are good indications that your service provider operates their business according to strict industry standards.

The NLA provides, an online search service of the National Limousine Association. To find a limousine or chauffeured transportation, use the search form to view members of the association within your area:

Check the Vehicle Out Before Prom Night
Jeff Greene, president of Greene Classic Limousines in Atlanta, suggests that parents head out to the limousine company to view the vehicles before signing a contract.  While there, request a copy of the certificate of insurance for the vehicle you are reserving.

Check for Limo Rental Incidental Costs
Know the total cost. Be sure to ask whether gratuity, gas, cleaning charges, extra stops, or any other potentially hidden fees are included in the total cost. Most importantly, make sure this is all done in advance of completing a reservation.

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