Help Desk: Atlanta Companies Hire for Spring

8:22 PM, Mar 20, 2013   |    comments
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Spring hiring is starting with major companies in Atlanta and The Help Desk wants to get you hired. We have found out when and where you should start applying for the spring season jobs.

RESOURCE GUIDE | Companies hiring for spring

Home Depot continues to look for 2,200 workers from customer service associates to upper management positions. Their media relations specialist says they are looking to fill most of these positions over the next month.

Another well known hiring company is the Georgia Aquarium. They are kicking off the spring season by hiring over 50 new employees. The positions range from seasonal part-time, internships, client services and in-house photography. The aquarium is searching for talented and hardworking team members to join their growing family.

If home improvement is your knack, Lowe's expects to hire approximately 1,000 seasonal jobs in the Atlanta area. This is the busiest time of the year for the company and they hope to fill positions quickly. 

A mobile app design company, Air Watch, wants to hire over 600 people for their growing company over the next year. They are looking for a variety of employees, but most specifically software developers, sales people, and professional client services. 

Wells Fargo started interviewing for 200 spring positions in January. The majority of the positions have been filled; however, they are still searching for the last few candidates. The positions are filling up quickly so if you are interested, apply as soon as possible.

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