Zoo Atlanta says last goodbye to Moby the Clouded Leopard

8:31 PM, Mar 22, 2013   |    comments
Moby the Clouded Leopard (Photo: Zoo Atlanta)
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ATLANTA -- After several months of treatment and care from the Zoo Atlanta Veterinary Team, Moby the Clouded Leopard passed away late Friday afternoon.

A spokeswoman for Zoo Atlanta said the 16-year-old Moby had to be euthanized by the Animal Management and Veterinary teams due to a sharp decline in that animal's health and behavior.

Moby was born April 23, 1996 at Buffalo Zoo. He came to Atlanta in June 2004 from the Seneca Park Zoo in Rochester, N.Y.

"Known for his elusiveness that mirrored that of his wild counterparts, Moby could usually be counted on to keep Members and guests on their toes as they searched for the secretive feline in his Complex Carnivores habitat," Keisha Hines, Public Relations Director for Zoo Atlanta said.

"We're deeply saddened by the loss of Moby. He was what we might call a fan favorite here at Zoo Atlanta," Dwight Lawson, PhD, Deputy Director said. "We commend the persistence and dedication of his caregivers and veterinarians, who have worked tirelessly to ensure his quality of life over the past several months."

The clouded leopard is native to Southeast Asia. The animal is slowly declining from habitat destruction and hunting for their skins.

Zoo Atlanta performs a necropsy on any animal that passes at the zoo.



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