School bus fight leads to search warrant

12:47 AM, Mar 26, 2013   |    comments
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ATLANTA -- Atlanta police officers responded to a school bus fight with weapons on Monday morning just before 8:00 on a Maynard Jackson High school bus.

According to Officer Kim Jones of the APD, Officers Carswell and Forte found out that one of the kids involved in the fight had called his mother to come to the scene.

Witnesses told the two officers that a woman had come to the scene in a red Pontiac Grand Prix. A male was riding in the car with her and pointed a gun at the school bus passengers.

According to Atlanta Public Schools, the student who made the call and his sibling exited the rear of the bus, got in the car with the mother and unidentified male, and left the scene.


No adults entered the bus, and the bus was not stopped.

School detectives also came out to the fight. They learned that the fight stemmed from several fights between female students, but the fights took place off school grounds.

The bus was followed by authorities on the route home, and there were no further incidents.

Witnesses at the scene told officers the Grand Prix's tag number. The car was found to be registered to the home at 710 Garibaldi.

Units went to the home and spoke to the owner of the car. She told School Detective Officer Riggins that her girls were being harassed by some other girls who were tied with the 30 Deep Gang.

Riggins asked her if she or her boyfriend had a gun when they went to the incident. She denied having the weapon. After some reluctance, the woman finally told Riggins then name of her boyfriend. Riggins learned her boyfriend had left the home through the back door, shortly before he got there.

Riggins asked about the gun again, and the woman said her boyfriend had a TV remote, and was pretending it was a gun to scare the intended targets who ran off.

After getting more information, Riggins said he would be getting a search warrant for the subject.

Later Monday afternoon, Atlanta Public Schools sent several tweets about the incident. They said that with all incidents, parents will be notified of Monday's episode through via email and a phone call.

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