NCAA Cinderella Team takes local star

5:55 PM, Mar 26, 2013   |    comments
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KENNESAW, Ga. -- Slam after slam after slam, the Cinderella team of the NCAA introduced itself to the world this past weekend.

Florida Gulf Coast University was really only known on the west side of the Sunshine State -- that is, until they took down second-seeded Georgetown and San Diego State.

Now, those who once mocked the unknown school are turning into believers. And on Monday, the FGCU Eagles were the hottest story in the country.

The 1997 start-up school with a basketball team that flies under the radar and flies over the rim is playing a game of "I told you so" with the nation.

And local Georgia high school basketball star Jordan Neff is heading there next year.

Finding Jordan Neff's house in Kennesaw was easy. It was the only one on the block with a basketball goal.

Inside, the 6'7 North Cobb star was watching Sportscenter with the rest of America when those high flying Florida Gulf Coast highlights appeared on screen.

"It's a real fun playing style. It's fun to watch, the way they play hard," he said. "I will fit in good there."

He is a basketball savant on this Monday night, wearing his Eagles hoodie, having accepted a scholarship to the Fort Myers school before anyone had heard of it outside of Florida, when it wasn't ESPN cool.

"Today, when I walked around with the hoodie on, everybody knows what those letters stand for," Neff said.

The talented student had chances to attend some of the most famous universities in the country but opted instead for FGCU because he liked the head coach.

"The day he got the job, he emailed me and offered me a scholarship, and I wasn't too interested at first it was so far away and I never heard of it before," Neff said.

Jordan's game looks like Florida Gulf Coast. He runs the floor and slams and does both with a style and swagger that look very similar to those of his soon-to-be teammates.

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