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Cold helping keep pollen low

2:02 PM, Mar 28, 2013   |    comments
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ATLANTA -- We've heard a lot of complaints about the colder than average temperatures we've been having. Here is one way that we are benefittting from all of the cold air. The pollen counts so far this year are much lower!

Look at the comparison of the calendars from March 2012 to March 2013. By this time last year, we had already reached our peak pollen count for the year. The highest pollen count last year was on March 20 with a count of 9367 pollen particles per cubic meter of air. From March 16th last year through March 30th, we had pollen counts that were more than 1000. Compare those counts to the counts that we are having so far this year. The highest pollen count for this March is 356 on March 17th. We even had a higher count on January 30th at 390.

The reason for the low pollen counts is thanks to the cooler air. There aren't as many trees and flowers producing pollen yet since we haven't had a lot of warm air. So the next time you are tempting to complain about the cold, keep this in mind!

This doesn't mean we will escape the high pollen counts though. This year's peak will just be delayed. The trees and flowers will still produce pollen at some high levels. We will just have to wait a while longer before it hits. (Pollen Count information courtesy of Atlanta Allergy and Asthma Clinic)

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