Tripp Halstead touches cousin's hand

4:38 PM, Apr 23, 2013   |    comments
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JEFFERSON, Ga. -- Tripp Halstead is slowly but surely returning to normal, taking what his mother Stacy calls "awesome baby steps."

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Stacy Halstead posted Tuesday to her son's Facebook page that Tripp reached out to touch his cousin Tori Beth when she came over for a visit:

Very exciting morning!! Tripp amazed us again! Let me start from the beginning. So last night was a little rough, I think just like a newborn he was over tired. He had been awake all day. So I put him to bed, turned off all the lights, turned on his classical music and gave him his meds. He fought if for a while and finally dozed off. He slept all the way to 5 peacefully. Then he started arching again and had a higher heart rate. So I climbed into his bed and held him. He seemed to calm down but he was wide awake. I swear He was trying to talk to me. He was blowing bubbles and grunting. It wasn't from pain, he was just trying to make noise. So I stayed there till 7 and decided to put him in bed with me. (Not sure why it took me two hours to decide to move to a big comfy bed) so I lay him beside him and hold his little hand and put my chin on his head and we we are both out till after 9 this morning. So that was awesome!!! THEN I take him downstairs, and his cousin Tori Beth is here so we place him on the recliner next to Tori Beth and he turns his whole body to look at her!!! THEN Mimi tells Tripp to touch Tori Beth's hand. So Tripp starts getting all splotchy and red from concentrating so hard and we all watch his little hand start moving. The first two times, it goes backwards cause that is easier. Then the third time, he starts breathing hard, lifts his little hand and moves it forward and touches Tori Beth's hand!!!! Mimi screams and starts crying. I call Bill at work and of course he cries. Our baby is coming back!!! Baby steps but awesome baby steps!! So it is a good day. Thank you all for your prayers and support. Love you all.

Tripp was injured when he was hit by a falling tree branch at his Winder daycare in October.

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