HELP DESK: Free smoke alarms and batteries for Newnan community

10:34 AM, Apr 30, 2013   |    comments
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NEWNAN, Ga. -- If fire breaks out in your home, the shrieking sound from the smoke detector could be the most important sound you ever heard.

Professionals say there are three steps to making sure you get out of your house and survive a fire. 


  1. Having a working smoke alarm.
  2. Replace fresh 9 volt batteries, twice annually. 
  3. Having an escape plan that you can practice with everyone in the family

Stephen Brown, Battalion Fire Chief of the City of Newnan who fought the fatal fire Saturday night that killed five people, says memorizing how to get out is a key to survival.

"They can diagram their rooms. They can draw their floor plans out. They can show the exits. If upstairs need to have a window to get out," he said.

"Have a mock beep on the smoke detector and let it beep and see what it sounds like. Have each member practice getting out of the room," he added.

To ensure you have the right tools, the 11Alive Help Desk is partnering with the Newnan Fire Department and First Alert for 1,500 free smoke detectors and Costco for 1,500 9-volt batteries. All donated materials will be given to the Newnan community. 

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