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Spelman College names identical twins as co-valedictorians

1:21 AM, May 10, 2013   |    comments
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ATLANTA -- There isn't much that can separate Kristie and Kirstie Bronner.

The 22-year-old identical twins dress alike, share many of the same interests and have an amazing gift for music, performing with the Spelman College Glee Club.

They're so similar, they even have a few family members who can't tell them apart.

Now they have one more thing to add to the list, a new title: co-valedictorians.

"I think it just kind of happened," Kirstie Bronner said. "It wasn't anything where we came together and said 'we're going to work toward being valedictorians.' It was just more so taking it day by day and saying we're gonna do our best."

As it turns out, their best is exceptional. The Atlanta sisters, both music majors, have traveled every step of their Spelman career together. The Bronner sisters grew up very close; they were home schooled and spent time volunteering in their father's church.

So when it came time to choose a college, they knew it was a team decision.

"We like the same foods, we like the same movies," Kristie Bronner said. "It's easy to choose the same school because we both wanted to come to this school."

"Every transition was easier having each other," she added.

For the sisters, it was more than just having a permanent roommate. They served as each other's study partner and motivator. 

For four years, they stayed focused. No Facebook or Twitter. Minimal television. But lots of prayer and hard work - enough to take them straight to the top of their class. Together.

"We both have the same drive," Kristie said. "We didn't want to do the same things everyone else did. People would invite us out on school days and we would always say no. We only hung out on the weekends because during the week was the time that we just did our work."

"It was nice not being alone doing all of that because it's definitely not the norm," Kristie added.

The Bronner sisters come from a long line of Spelman women; their mother, grandmother and a host of family members attended the school.

After graduation, the ladies will take jobs in their father's church, working as music directors and youth coordinators.

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