'Red-Shirting' kindergartners to help them grow

9:04 AM, May 20, 2013   |    comments
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DUNWOODY, Ga. -- The traditional purpose of Kindergarten is to prepare children for first grade.

But in metro Atlanta, that's not always the standard practice.

There's a growing trend to hold children back a year so they'll be older when they start school.

At the young five's class at Dunwoody United Methodist Church, it's a chance for students to grow not so much intellectually, but socially and emotionally.

Some call it "red-shirting".  It's a sports term that makes many parents cringe, since the goal generally isn't to build better athletes, but better students.

Teachers say kindergarten is the new first grade, and many students, especially with summer birthdays, just aren't ready for it.

Studies done to determine the benefits have been inconclusive.  Some say intellectually, it's a wash by third grade.

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