From tagger to artist, Brandon Sadler exhibits his work.

12:49 AM, Jun 9, 2013   |    comments
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Last month, 11alive's Keith Whitney and Gary Stilwell spent a week documenting the debate over graffiti versus street art in the city of Atlanta. Along the way, they came upon a young man who started out as a tagger, but years later would evolve into a full-fledged artist.
This month Brandon Sadler has both an art exhibition and a short film about to debut.
"With this show it went more on a minimal level," Sadler said. "But minimal in the sense that it still captured a presence. And I did that because a lot of it is central to my calligraphy and things like that that are based on an expressive mark and a moment in time."
Minimal might not be the first adjective you would use for many of Sadler's art pieces. With their bold colorful images, often large scale, his paintings can be found on walls and canvasses alike all across Atlanta. Now they'll be showcased in an upcoming art exhibition.
"It'll be an environmental experience," he explained. "When you walk in, there will be things hanging from the ceiling, things hanging from the wall in ways of a regular gallery setting. It will be very interactive in that sense."
The Asian influences in his work are clear and encrypted with his signature calligraphy that embodies the spirit of the tiger, the mantis, and the snake.
In addition to his work with brush and ink, Sadler has also put his vision on film in a collaboration with young film-maker Andrew Litten.
"The film is about personal exploration, rites of passage, components of a person's identity that contribute to their personality. And how those things come together to achieve your destiny. I think it's very relatable, and that is finding who you are and walking your path."
Sadler's "Nothing Is Sacred" exhibition will kick off June 14, 7-11pm at the Nelson Street Gallery, which is located at 364 Nelson Street SW.

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