We have met Big Brother, and he is YOU

6:46 AM, Jun 10, 2013   |    comments
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(WXIA) -- Despite the NSA supercomputers and super-secret algorithms, the government doesn't need all that high-tech spyware to peer into your life.

All they really need to do is to look at your mom's Facebook page.

That, plus the data-mining from phone records, search-engines, and emails is what turns your life into an open book.

We talked to Gregory Evans, a former hacker who is now an internet security expert with Hi-Tech Crimes Solutions.

"We should be more afraid of Facebook and Google than we are of the federal government," he said. "Because Facebook and Google are bigger than the federal government; social media is bigger than the federal government."

"Here's his cell phone bills, here's his Facebook, here's his LinkedIn, and here's all the information who he's dating, who his parents are, where he went last night what he ate."

"The government is recording everything, so when people are out here surfing the internet trying to hide behind their IP addresses or thinking that 'I deleted this' or 'I'm using a public WIFI no one can track me.' That's so untrue."

"Even though you may delete your emails out of your email box, the email companies are still saving that, because if the government ever subpoenas your email records, what they'll get is copies of all those emails."

"The NSA's budget is twice as big as the CIA and the FBI together. When I say the best hackers, I'm talking about the NSA. The NSA starts recruiting right out of high school; they already know those people in high school who are mathematical geniuses. Those are the ones we want. Those are the code breakers. Those are the ones building the spy satellites. We're not talking about Macs; we're not talking about Windows 8. We're talking about computers that were just built for this."

"If you put your information out there on the Internet, that's your fault. If somebody gets your pictures, if somebody gets access to your emails, it should be expected."

Evans adds that every six seconds someone's information is hacked, and what they can find just in your emails can change your life.

Just ask the nation's former head spy himself, General David Petraeus.

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