Waffle House Chairman sex tapes case may backfire on his accuser

9:07 PM, Jun 17, 2013   |    comments
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Video: Waffle House sex case could backfire on accuser

  • Waffle House Chairman Joe Rogers, Jr.
  • Atlanta privacy attorney Cynthia Counts
  • Cobb County Superior Court Judge Robert Leonard

MARIETTA, Ga. -- Accompanied by his wife as they left the Cobb County courthouse last December, Waffle House Chairman Joe Rogers, Jr. publicly admitted, "I did some stupid things."

He admitted having an affair with former housekeeper Mye Brindle, but denied forcing her to have sex to keep her job.

She's suing him for sexual abuse and he's counter-suing her for emotional distress.

A Cobb County court has sealed video and audio recordings of the pair having sex that were secretly made by the housekeeper to support her claims.

But the case has turned on her.

Last Friday, Cobb County Superior Court Judge Robert Leonard found that Brindle's recordings, possibly encouraged by her attorneys, violated Rogers' privacy.

"People don't generally want to be shown having sex in their bedroom," Atlanta attorney Cynthia Counts told 11 Alive on Monday.

Although not connected with the case, Counts specializes in privacy law.

She considers the judge's ruling significant for anyone thinking about making such private recordings without a partner's consent.

"Think about that if you're having sex; wouldn't you think you'd be safe from surveillance?" she added.

Cameras seem to be just about everywhere these days and we can be photographed just about anywhere.

Governments and companies use them to monitor security in public places, but that's the key word, "public".

Georgia law basically allows no such video recordings in private unless everyone involved agrees.

"People need to know that they can have consequences and liability for violating these statutes," said attorney Counts.

Joe Rogers' attorneys now want the secret sex videos made by his former housekeeper quashed.

They also want criminal charges considered against her and her attorneys.

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