Construction underway on massive ferris wheel downtown

6:59 PM, Jun 19, 2013   |    comments
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ATLANTA -- Construction workers are pouring the foundation for a 200 foot high ferris wheel in downtown Atlanta.

Skyview Atlanta will have more than 30 fully enclosed, temperature controlled gondolas.  Each gondola can hold as many as 6 people and will offer stunning, unobstructed views.

Once the 15,000 lbs of concrete cures, pieces of the wheel will be brought in for assembly.  The goal is to have Skyview Atlanta up and running by July 2.

Jason Evans, spokesperson for Skyview Atlanta, said the ferris wheel has a successful track record in other cities.

"It was originally in Paris right across from the Louvre. It was in Pensacola for awhile while they tested it for the American market. Once they knew it was working and the American people loved it, they wanted to find the perfect place to bring it. Atlanta is that place, " said Evans.

Tickets for Skyview Atlanta will cost 13.50 per adult and 8.50 per child.

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