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Girl With A Pearl Earring makes first southeast appearance

8:32 PM, Jun 19, 2013   |    comments
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  • The Girl With A Pearl Earring has her own room at the High Museum of Art for the next few months.

ATLANTA -- She has the whole room to herself.  The Girl With A Pearl Earring really is all we know about her.  Despite the fictional movie, we don't know her name, why's she's dressed the way she is or what her story may be. 

The mystery still questions why millions pay to visit her every year and take her photo three and a half centuries later.

"It's all mystery, and we love mystery," Victor Moussault with the Mauritshuis Museum in the Hague Netherlands said.  

The museum is where the painting is usually exhibited at but right now it is under construction and renovation.  Over two years she will visit just a few cities -- Atlanta, luckily is one of them.  After one more stop in New York and then Italy she will return home.  Likely for good. 

As you look at her, feel free to make up your own story -- was she Vermeer's lover? A character from the Bible? A rich aristocrats daughter? No one can prove you wrong.  

"I think the thing about this painting is that it asks everyone to tell her story. She seems to ask you to fill it in," Emilie Gordenker. Mauritshuis Museum Director said.

One tale is true. She is perhaps the greatest "look what I found in my grandmother's attic" story ever. 

After missing for over two hundred years she popped up at an art auction in the Hague. A collector and adviser paid the top price of two Gilders for her.  

"And a Gilder, well it's worth much less than a dollar. It's like no money at all. They had to pay a little fee... 30 cents. So they went home after spending two dollars and thirty cents and realized what a wonderful work they had," Gordenker said.

Now, she's priceless, stunning the world with her beauty and choice of dress.  

Most women of the error would wear black for their portraits.  She looks to be wearing what a Middle Eastern woman might have worn.  

"If you look at a picture of yourself from a few years ago you kinda of go 'oh God why did I have that on' or 'look at my hair cut' - she avoided that. She's always going to look good," Gordenker said. 

The painting is set to appear in Midtown's High Museum of Art for the next few months. 



























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