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Inside Atlanta's own "Death Cafe"

9:30 PM, Jun 25, 2013   |    comments
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ATLANTA -- This group of newly found friends are singing an old familiar tune inside the 'Death Cafe." It's Happy Trails and they're gathered at Oakland Cemetery to talk about death, dying and concerns related to that.

But the gathering is far from morbid. Because guests are invited to enjoy a slice of cake, coffee and tea all while discussing the taboo topic.

Mark LaRocca-Pitts, the chaplain and host of the group meeting says that "some people have the superstition that if you talk about it, you'll bring it on."

According to Larocca-Pitts, the Death Cafe movement originated in Europe and has since spread across the country with a number of chapters in the United States.

Participants, who connect on Death Cafe website -- come from all backgrounds seeing the opportunity as a way to become comfortable with the thought of dying.

Some say the Death Cafe helps them become more comfortable with thought of actually passing -- so comfortable that they've actually lived fuller lives.

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