11Alive reporter learns to wheelchair race

12:19 PM, Jun 26, 2013   |    comments
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ATLANTA -- It begins by bending and folding your body really low and that's the only way to face this tall order. Veteran racer Duane Morrow describes it as "an unnatural act" -- he's talking about competitive wheelchair racing. 

Morrow is one of the wheelchair racers who regularly participate in the Peachtree Road Race and make wheelchair racing look effortless. 

11Alive reporter Jerry Carnes decided to give wheelchair racing a go with Morrow -- who he describes as one of the best. Morrow described the most effective methods of steering the wheelchair, actually "punching" or spinning the wheels and how to, every so slightly, readjust the apparatus for slight turns to prevent, "turtling" which is falling on ones back. 

Carnes and Morrow decided to tackle Cardiac Hill or Heartbreak Hill in their wheelchairs and needless to say, Carnes learned where the hill got it's nickname. After it all, Carnes came away with a deeper understanding of wheelchair racing and just how strong the racers must be. 

For the uninitiated it's grueling and unnatural but for Dwayne Morrow it's the Peachtree Road Race as he has always known it. 

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