Baton Bob arrested in Midtown assault

1:50 AM, Jun 27, 2013   |    comments
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Photo Gallery: Baton Bob arrested in Midtown

Photo Gallery: Baton Bob arrested in Midtown
  • Courtesy Ben Martin

ATLANTA, Ga. -- Authorities arrested a popular street performer after a verbal altercation with security in Midtown on Wednesday afternoon. 

According to Atlanta Police, performer Bob Jamerson, known as "Baton Bob", engaged in some sort of verbal altercation with two security guards on the corner of Peachtree Street and Fourteenth Street NE. 

PHOTOS | Baton Bob arrested in Midtown

According to a report, the officer observed Jamerson blowing his whistle, gyrating in a sexual manner, causing traffic congestion and blocking the pedestrian walkway. 

Officials say an off-duty Atlanta Police officer working for Midtown Blue was called in to manage the situation. When the officer attempted to arrest Jamerson, he because very argumentative calling the officer the "b-word" and he then attempted to kick the officer in his private area. 

Jamerson was arrested and transported to the Fulton County Jail. 

Jamerson has been charged with simple assault and obstruction of a law enforcement office. He is currently in police custody, at this time. 

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