Atlanta teens aim for millions with mobile app

12:40 AM, Jun 28, 2013   |    comments
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ATLANTA -- What ambitions in life did you have when you were 16-years-old?

Two metro Atlanta teens are hoping a new app they've developed will make them millionaires. 

They are Catherine Van Orden, 15, and Christopher Jones, 19. They are computer programming wizards.

Now they hope to turn that wizardry into millions of dollars with an App they've created that they say is quite unique.

It's all about drawing and animation.

"Instagram is for photo sharing, Soundcloud is for musicians, but there is nothing really for artists and we kind of wanted to revolutionalize the market," Van Orden said.

They come up with "Sketch'd."

"The best part of this is that it allows you to draw anything and animate it quickly. A lot of the apps out there cannot do that quickly," Jones added.

"You can draw anything you want quickly, not only sharing a flat drawing to your friends, you also sharing a more interesting drawing because you can animate it with your fingers and nothing like that is on the market right now," Van Orden added.

And "Sketch'd" doesn't stop with a still drawing. It transfers to video.

Users can export the video animations to Facebook, Twitter, You Tube and other social networking media.

And the uniqueness of "Sketch'd," 18 months in the making, has now made it to Kickstarter.

Van Orden and Jones hope to raise $60,000 by mid July, and launch the APP in the Apple Store by early October.

And if they make those millions they dream of?

"His parents and my parents always joke about how we are going to buy a yacht and the two families are going to go out one day," Van Orden said.

As they sail, they'll be sharing their "Sketch'd" artwork and animations with the world.

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