Ponce City Market on pace to open Fall of 2014

9:46 AM, Jun 28, 2013   |    comments
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ATLANTA -- Even with nothing in it, the Ponce City Market is impressive.

With a skeleton made of concrete, iron, and glass you can see the metamorphosis coming, a live-work-play-paradise situated right next to the Beltline in the heart of Atlanta.

PHOTOS | Tour of the new Ponce City Market

"Many of the historic buildings, through a variety of reasons, don't exist in Atlanta anymore," said Michael Phillips, the Chief Operating Officer of Jamestown Properties, the developer of the site.

"So, to have something of this scale and of this magnitude to attract world-class office tenants is truly significant."

From the vintage brick to the industrial windows to the 1.6-million square feet of original maple flooring, they just don't make them like this anymore. That's why Jamestown Properties is investing a quarter billion dollars in the old Sears building to re-make it.

"Sears built all of these buildings in a very modular fashion," said Phillips. and it was taken care of beautifully for 80 years so we inherited a structure that was ultimately very forgiving and allowed us to be very efficient."

The food hall will be one of the major attractions at PCM, with four restaurants opening to the 3-acre courtyard. Retail will occupy 330-thousand square feet and the office space will take another 450-thousand.

"Ultimately, I think we'll have about 37-hundred people working here on a regular basis," added Phillips. "Plus about 10-15-thousand visitors a day; so that should be a big impact economically to the region."

And the impact has already begun, with more than 700 jobs announced a year before the building will even open its doors. There's also a long waiting list for the 260 loft-apartments planned here. But central to the Ponce City Market's success will be its role as anchor in the community.

"And so historic buildings and community interface and this alternative industrial adaptive reuse is a real meaningful touch-point for people."

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