Baton Bob vows to fight charges from his recent arrest.

11:07 PM, Jun 28, 2013   |    comments
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ATLANTA -- He's baaack!

Just a day after his release from jail for an altercation with two Midtown security guards and a policeman, Baton bob was back doing what he does best. The Atlanta street celebrity vows to fight his recent arrest for simple assault and continue his daily shows.

"This feeds me more than anything I have ever encountered in my whole life," Bob Jamerson, aka Baton Bob, said of his compulsion to perform.

He is very much a one-man parade, a celebration of self-expression, who wields a baton like an exclamation point to the words: Be who you are!

"I'm street theater," he said. "You get free theater on the street; that's what I am. I'm a costumed character and I come out and entertain. I'm an entertainer."

Jamerson was a former flight attendant, who after 911, found comfort in his alter ego Baton Bob. He soon discovered that his personal therapy was contagious and made people smile.
Well, most of them anyways.

"To make a difference in a positive way, to lift them in a day, that's a priceless entity to encounter.

But not everyone sees it like that.

Earlier this week, according to the police report Baton Bob had some choice words for security and police who tried to get him to leave the sidewalk at Colony Square. It ended with him in handcuffs and spending a night in jail.

"I can't really give you the details of what went down because we have a court case coming up," Jamerson said. "We have lawyers involved on two ends, civil suing back... the whole bit."

Jamerson believes he has a right to perform on the city streets. And anywhere else he might be needed.

The universe has already decided that when I make my transition, they're sending me to Pluto," he laughed.

"Cause there's a lot of work up there that needs to be done. And they think I can handle it."

Until then, Baton Bob says his arrest will be a life lesson.

"And the lemons that they threw at me, I'm going to turn those b****** into lemonade," he said, erupting in laughter once again.

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