New York bicyclist raises $150K for Tripp Halstead

6:42 PM, Jul 1, 2013   |    comments
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JEFFERSON, Ga. -- Nine months after the devastating injury that changed his life, two-year-old Tripp Halstead took a special ride Monday afternoon.

It came courtesy of a stranger who churned out 900 miles on a bicycle to help the Halstead family.

"We thought we'd raise a little money and help out," said cyclist Dave Nazaroff. "The overwhelming support with all these people has been just incredible."

Nazaroff and his wife heard about Tripp through Facebook and decided to do something to help the Halstead family.

Tripp is recovering from a traumatic brain injury. He was hit in the head by a falling tree branch at his daycare in October 2012 during storms spawned by Hurricane Sandy.


Dozens gathered along Old Pendergrass Road in Jefferson to watch Nazaroff end his journey that began in upstate New York. They joined in the final mile of the trip.

So did Tripp Halstead.

I just love that the whole world seems to be coming together," said Shea Richardson, who came to meet the Halsteads for the first time.

The Halsteads spend their days caring for Tripp in a home remodeled by supporters. There is a long list of medications and therapy.

Money was running thin.

"I can't imagine having to leave and go back to work," said Stacey Halstead, Tripp's mom. "This is what they're doing it for, so I can stay with him."

Nazaroff's 900 mile ride raised $155,000.

"To think somebody can ride that far, it gives you the energy in the middle of the night to get up and comfort Tripp," said Bill Halstead, Tripp's father.

With a carriage strapped to Dave Nazaroff's bike, Tripp Halstead joined in the final mile of the journey.

"I think he loved the fresh air on his face, going through his hair," said Bill Halstead. "He loved it."

So did the many supporters who put their love on wheels. 

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