400+ police help patrol Peachtree Road race

6:51 PM, Jul 4, 2013   |    comments
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ATLANTA -- Atlanta police say their stepped up patrols during the Peachtree Road race and added equipment worked. There were no credible threats, suspicious packages or incidents to investigate during the race.

During the race you could literally hear the feet hit the pavement as 60,000 runners gave proof, Atlanta had put one foot in front of the other to move beyond the Boston bombing.

"It actually encouraged me to come out because of that, hoping that moving forward today would be a good day where nothing bad would happen," said Katy Roelle while standing on the sidewalk to cheer runners on.

More than 400 officers and agents worked the event from Atlanta police to the FBI.  

Runners and spectators say they noticed the increased police presence and welcomed it.  Officers could be seen at just about every intersection along the race route. 

Atlanta also used a combination of fixed and mobile security cameras to stream video from the race into a mobile command center set up inside police headquarters for the event.

At the race's end in Piedmont park, bag searches seemed a bit looser than many visitors had expected.  But they added, there were plenty of officers along the perimeter and walking through the crowd to have stopped any suspicious activity if noticed.

Valarie Powell has worked security near the finish line for five years and says she noticed more officers and cameras in the area, especially considering this was the target for the bombing in Boston.

"I kept that on my mind all morning.  It's a joy to see everybody come together like this," Powell said surveying the runners as they passed by.

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