BLOG | 3 steps to de-stinkify your muddy Peachtree shoes

8:43 AM, Jul 5, 2013   |    comments
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Go smell your Peachtree shoes.   

Don't stick your face in there and take huge breath; I don't want you to pass out. Just a whiff.  Stinky?    

Don't be ashamed. The first step is acceptance.

COMPLETE COVERAGE | 2013 AJC Peachtree Road Race 

Here's the thing: most running shoes are made with a variety of man-made materials: canvas, rubber, foam, polyester. Those materials often absorb, and sometimes even promote, the bacteria that causes odor. Ironically, after all the rain preparations, the actual Peachtree itself was pretty much drizzle-less. But did you see the mud pit formerly known as Piedmont Park?!

If you want a stinky science experiment, leave your shoes in the high humidity over the next few days and see what happens. On your next run, you will catch a whiff and think it's the neighbor with all the trash in the front yard. Nope, it's your shoes.        

So, below I have included my super-secret 100% tested de-stinking method:

1) Knock off mud.    

2) Put them in wash ON COLD with full scoop of Downey UnStoppables. They are on sale right now at Publix! Plus, there's an extra in-store coupon. (By the way, these work great on stinky running clothes too, but the scent may be too strong for some people.)   

3) DO NOT DRY. Stuff with newspaper overnight. Remove. Sniff. Fabulous.           

Hopefully, you made some other great memories from the Peachtree 2013 you'll hold onto longer than the stink!

You can read Julie's Blog 'Atlanta Running Reporter' here. You can follow her on twitter @JulieWolfe. 

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