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Thieves steal cancer survivor's iPad

12:42 PM, Jul 19, 2013   |    comments
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MARIETTA, Ga. -- Lindsay Simmons has battled cancer half her life -- a disease that's stolen her health, her hair and any hopes of a normal, carefree childhood. But she's never felt like a victim until Wednesday night.

"I went to the door and I saw glass on the floor. And then I looked up, and there was a broken window," 14-year-old Lindsay said. 

Someone had smashed the window of the family's SUV and stolen Lindsay's iPad, an item with sentimental value for the young cancer survivor.

"A foundation gave that iPad to me when I relapsed and it was special to me," she said.

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Lindsay had filled the iPad with inspirational songs and photos of her time in treatment. 

Her reaction to its theft was unexpectedly emotional.

"She usually handles everything with such grace and dignity. And she is so strong all the time. But as soon as she realized she was violated -- that someone had been taken from her -- she just broke down," Lindsay's mother, Sara, said.

"I was just shocked and I was crying," Lindsay added. "And for a minute, I just stopped talking. I was just scared. My knees were shaking. I just couldn't believe that something like that could happen to me or my family."

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