Some Atlanta Public School buses will arrive earlier this year

7:11 PM, Aug 1, 2013   |    comments
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ATLANTA - When school starts next Wednesday, some elementary school students in Atlanta Public Schools will arrive at school earlier than in past years. 

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"While elementary school start times did not change, some students may experience earlier bus pick-up times in order to maintain our district wide transportation schedule," is what the Atlanta Public Schools Transportation Department wrote on the district website in a letter to parents.

"This schedule is expected to increase breakfast participation, shorten ride times for special needs students and improve student safety," the letter said.

The move is expected to help save the district money by allowing some of the buses to go to make three trips each morning and make a trip to an elementary, middle and high school.

"Consistent arrival times directly impact student achievement; in order to accomplish these goals without changing the bus schedules, the district would have been required to add 50 buses and drivers," from the APS letter to parents.


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