Andrea Sneiderman trial Day 2: Let's talk about sex

5:43 PM, Aug 6, 2013   |    comments
  • Andrea Sniederman on day 1 of testimony
  • Don Sneiderman (Rusty's dad) took the stand to talk about the relationship between his son and Andrea
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11Alive's Julie Wolfe is inside the courtroom for the Andrea Sneiderman trial and files daily blogs covering what happens in trial and behind the scenes. 

There's nothing that wakes up a jury at 9:00am like dropping the F-bomb. It was the first sign day two of the Andrea Sneiderman trial would be rated PG-13.  

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Brady Blackburn, the smart alec hotel clerk from Colorado, was back on the stand under cross examination.  He was asked to explain his notation of "WTF am I supposed to do with this?" Blackburn's answer caused the jurors to laugh out loud. The next two witnesses included a hotel general manager and Frontier Airlines administrator laying out the foundation that Hemy Neuman was in Colorado, but did not have a hotel reservation under his name (there was one in Andrea Sneiderman's name).

Kathleen Gough was recalled to the stand. She's the GE IT investigator that pulled Sneiderman and Neuman's emails. She had the job of reading the emails out loud under questioning by ADA Anna Cross. This testimony was interrupted several times with video clips from Sneiderman's testimony during the original murder trial. The work emails at first were signed with official work signature stamps and included references like "this isn't a conversation for email". Over time, the language became less formal and more emotional. One email from Neuman said, "I'm sorry... I caused you so much pain and all I wanted was to give you so much. You're beautiful." Her return email included a passage: "I know that I have to repent and live with for the rest of my life... I'm not sure how to live with this." The video the state then played showed Sneiderman on the witness stand saying that was referencing "holding hands". That's it? The prosecutor asked. That's it. Then, Gough read an email where Neuman described a night with Sneiderman: "besides the birth of Tom and Lee, that was the most beautiful, most wonderful experience of my life."Remember, this was all about holding hands.

Melanie White was the state's next witness and testified (over hearsay objections from the defense) about what Hemy Neuman told her. Specifically, during a trip to Greenville: "He told me that he got really close, and she gave in." And after the trip to London that he told her "they were soul mates... they were on the bed and they petted." When DA James told White she'd have to get more detailed, she hesitated and the jury laughed. What she said next had everyone in the Twitter Universe saying "ewww". White testified they kissed and touched, then she went into the bathroom. When asked why, he told White "to finish herself off". It's a term we won't use on-air, but bears mention here because of the jury's reaction. Heads swung immediately to look at Andrea. A group of elderly ladies behind be audibly gasped and told me at the break "how embarrassing for her family".

After lunch, White continued on the stand, but the jury left the courtroom as lawyers debated Tom Clegg's line of questioning regarding Hemy Neuman's actions after Rusty Sneiderman's death. He suggested to White the killer could have been a business partner or even the Taliban. He said he saw demons and angels. Clegg argued that testimony helps the jury decide whether they should "believe a single word he said".

Clegg asked the question if White heard anything about the angels and demons, the answers were no, but the jury got to hear them. He got White to admit Nueman was obsessed, infatuated, and at his wits end.

Testimony took a serious turn when Don Sneiderman, Rusty's dad, took the stand. Kellie Hill made it clear during her opening statement that he would be a key witness in proving Andrea Sneiderman lied about events on the day of Rusty's murder. The state contends she knew he was shot before anyone told her, leaving the jurors wondering, "How did she know?" The defense instead said during their opening statement that Don Sniederman is "simply mistaken".

Watching Don Sneiderman relive the day his son died was hard to watch. The jurors were transfixed, no fidgeting, no distractions, no giggles. 

The defense walked through specific details of Rusty and Andrea's relationship, methodically going through dates and places. Tom Clegg challenged Don Sniederman's recollection and suggested that phone call only came to light AFTER Steve Sneiderman decided to start litigation as Rusty's estate executor. 

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