Andrea Sneiderman Trial

11:04 PM, Aug 14, 2013   |    comments
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Andrea Sneiderman listens to Shayna Citron testify against her on day 5

11Alive's Julie Wolfe is filing daily blogs from the Andrea Sneiderman trial about what happens inside the courtroom and behind the scenes.  

The parade of witnesses included a babysitter, 2 nannies, 2 college friends, a cruise ship mate, a synagogue member, and a gaggle of lake house friends. The defense made sure to ask several of them, "Did you know Rusty first?" They wanted to let jurors know these were HIS friends testifying FOR HER. 

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Online, there is significant debate on how effective this testimony was with the jury. They were paying attention (which hasn't always been the case), but weren't taking many notes. 

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As defense was questioning their cell phone data expert, Judge Adams asked,  'If you're a nerd, you have special skills?' It lead me to search my notes for all of the funny Adams-isms we've heard so far: 

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'Ixnay? What is ixnay?" 

'Feel free to walk aggressively towards the door.'

'Take as much time as you need!'

'Are you a real estate agent?!'  

'Maybe you haven't had animal crackers since you were a kid. They're low in fat.'

'Coffee will be provided for the jury. No decaf. We don't do decaf.' 

'Salmon. The color is salmon.' 

'Next question!  (then) Take as much time as you need.' '

Come on down! Come on down.' 

Mostly, his demeanor has been an online hit. Others suggest it's rude. It's definitely entertaining. 

The day ended in another flurry of objections: 

1) Shayna Citron's police interview. The state objected, the judge overruled them. It showed Citron saying the marriage had issues, but nothing major. And that Andrea and Rusty had moved beyond it. When asked if Andrea would bend on the commitment, she adamantly said, "NO!" 

2) The jury was sent home as both sides debated whether a secret police tape would be allowed into evidence. The defense argues the tape, recorded without Andrea Sneiderman's knowledge, shows her reaction when she was informed Hemy had been arrested. The state argued it was self-serving and couldn't be entered into evidence unless the defendant testified. The objection was sustained. No tape. 

3) They also argued for the record about Ms. Easter's testimony that was not allowed earlier in the day. J.Tom Morgan said she would have testified it was common to travel with male/female groups. She also would have testified that while there was a sexual harassment policy, in her experience, women were punishment with stunted careers when they reported sexual harassment. The judge did not allow her testimony before the jury. 

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