'Burglar to the Stars' arrested in Fla. on Atlanta warrants

11:56 PM, Aug 27, 2013   |    comments
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Video: Silver Thief Suspect Arrested

Blaine David Nordahl (First Coast News)

ATLANTA (WXIA) -- Blaine David Nordahl, the so-called "Burglar to the Stars," was arrested in Nassau County, Fla., on Monday and will soon be returned to Atlanta on seven warrants here.

Nordahl is believed to have stolen more than $6 million nationally, taking expensive silver items from upscale homes, including the homes of Ivana Trump, broadcaster Curt Gowdy and Bruce Springsteen.

Police said Nordahl, 51, was arrested along with his girlfriend, Elizabeth Music. They said he was arrested after he showed up at an apartment complex in Hilliard, Fla., when he came to meet his girlfriend's daughter.

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Nordahl is facing charges in connection with seven burglaries in Metro Atlanta which netted about $1.5 million in stolen silver. He's also suspected in connection with more than 50 other crimes across the nation.

Atlanta Police Detective Drew Behry said Nordahl's girlfriend was arrested on two counts of burglary. Behry said Music would help Nordahl set up the heists.

Police said Nordahl made his living stealing from homes up and down the East Coast. Deputies in Nassau County said they were notified by authorities in several other states that he might be in the Jacksonville area.

According to Nassau County Sheriff Bill Leeper, a typical Nordahl burglary goes like this: 

The professional thief would approach a target house at night while the owners were asleep and carefully remove panes of glass from a French door, avoiding alarms that may be triggered by picking the lock, sometimes sneaking past sleeping dogs in the process. When all alarms were disabled, he would remove entire drawers full of silver items and take them outside to test them with his own silver test kit. Plate silver would be thrown away at the scene and he would leave with only the finest and most expensive items. 

Nordahl would steal an average of around $20,000 worth of silver in a single burglary. 

"The Silver Thief" has been caught numerous times and served an 8-year sentence after being convicted of stealing $50,000 worth of silver cutlery from the home of Ivana Trump. 

"Nordahl mainly stole silver because it is usually kept in the kitchen and dining areas, which made it easier to take and not disturb anyone in the home" said Leeper.

Behry said Nordahl's specialty when it came to the burglaries was that he knew which silver was the "good stuff," and how to stay away from the lesser expensive, silver-plated pieces. Behry noted that Nordahl knew how to get in and out of homes without tripping the burglar alarm.

Behry said Nordahl is being returned to Fulton County, but it was not immediately known which agency would get first crack at him.
Nordahl was also being investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) at the time of his arrest.

(First Coast News contributed to this report.)

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