Anti-obesity campaign from Children's Healthcare of Atlanta debuts

6:34 PM, Sep 6, 2013   |    comments
A child takes a plate of healthy snacks (Photo by John Moore/Getty Images)
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ATLANTA -- The video is meant to get your attention.  Dramatic images flash on screen of an ER visit from a first person view.  It's the story of a life in jeopardy too soon.  

A 32 year old who weighs three hundred pounds lies on the examining table with hearth complications made worse by years of bad nutrition.  From there, we time travel back 30 years as a life of fast food flashes before our eyes.

"It's not one person's life story.  It's there to point out the numerous unhealthy habits we've all gotten in to in this country," explained Stephanie Walsh, Medical Director at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta.

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Children's Healthcare of Atlanta launched this anti-obesity campaign to rewind the potential damage of a life without moderation.

"And you see multiple points along the way, and you think oh maybe I could have intervened there, maybe we could have changed a habit then.  What we hope in the video is that parents will see some of their own habits and realize what sort of habits they're role modeling for their children," Walsh said.

Children's Healthcare of Atlanta offers these five tips for parents to help instill good nutrition.

1. A child can't sneak junk food into his room if there's not junk food in the house. She can't eat fast food or sugary drinks if you don't buy them. And if he knows you have clear boundaries and will stick to them without blowing your cool, he'll stop with the tantrums. Just keep providing regularly scheduled, healthy meals and know that you're investing your energy in their bright futures.   
2. Don't use food for comfort, even for babies or young kids. Early feeding practices set the tone for lifetime habits. 

3. Don't reward with food-ever. It's just a bad habit. Reward good behaviors with non-food items.  

4. Use "positive parenting" - avoid yelling or punishments. Instead, use positive redirection by distracting your child with another activity of interest.  

5. Be a healthy role model. The best way to influence your child is to use the behaviors you want him to copy.  

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