Doodling mom's design adorns colorful shoes

11:27 AM, Sep 16, 2013   |    comments
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ALPHARETTA, Ga. -- In Joanna Washington's home, the kids doodle on the windows, while Joanna has been known to leave her creative mark on everything from napkins to magazines, cardboard and envelopes.

"It's art and up to interpretation," she said while doodling at the kitchen table in her Alpharetta home.

Now her doodles are appearing on the canvas lace-ups made by Chicago-based BucketFeet.

A friend suggested she submit her designs. The company co-founder said he liked the random appearance of her hand-drawn design.

"I just happened to pick up an orange pen when I started," she said of the bright and colorful canvas shoes.

Some say doodling helps them focus and pay attention, but this mother of three says it helps with relaxation.

"It's my stress reliever if I can't get to the gym and work out," she said.

Her husband, Dewayne Washington, said her doodles became quite significant to him when they first started dating in 2001.

"Art is about communication. For me, we had a relationship that was starting and it was kind of a window to learn a bit more about Joanna," he said.

Named Orange Sherbet, Joanna's design was inspired by Atlanta's heat and humidity.

From Brooklyn to Barcelona, more than 50 artists like Joanna now have their personal designs featured on the canvas laceups. BucketFeet buys the art for $250 and gives the artist royalties -- $1 for each pair purchased.

Joanna is not really motivated by the money. She said she loves knowing people around the world are wearing her designs.

If you're interested in submitting your designs and having your work on the canvas shoes, BucketFeet says its always looking for passionate people with designs featuring unique colors, patterns and textures.

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