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Obamacare glitch could leave out families

7:05 PM, Sep 24, 2013   |    comments
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ATLANTA -- A newly discovered glitch in the new Affordable Care Act could leave hundreds of thousands of kids without health insurance.

That's unless Congress fixes the problem, which seems unlikely, given their latest squabble after the house tried to cut it from the budget.


The intent of Obamacare was to make affordable health care available to everyone. But an error in drafting the bill could mean up to half a million children and their parents without affordable care.

And Obamacare navigators like Bill Rencher of Georgia Watch are trying to explain this oversight to customers.

"After big stuff like this is passed they push through a bill to correct the errors, that effort never makes it into the press or anything because it's not a big deal, but unfortunately any chance of doing that right now is slim to none," he said.

The glitch in the law turns on employers offering coverage to employees and their families.

If you pay less than 9.5% of your total family income for your own personal coverage, you and your family cannot opt into Obamacare. Until the law is rewritten there are limited alternatives.

"Check out whether coverage is available to the spouse if any , if the spouse is employed, and look into getting the kids into Peach Care or Medicaid if they qualify for that coverage," Rencher added.

We polled all 14 Georgia members of the House and both Georgia senators. 

One Democrat said fix the law but didn't say how, while four GOP Congressman and one Senator strongly supported the House bill to defund Obamacare.

Obamacare navigators are ready to help and say they are determined to find every alternative to make sure children are not left out of affordable care.

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