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Obamacare Debate: Misinformation to the end

11:45 PM, Sep 26, 2013   |    comments
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Whether it's mis-information or dis-information, there's a lot of bad information out there on the Affordable Care Act; a lot of fiction pretending to be fact. And it is confusing the daylights out of everybody. 

One poll released recently from the Pew Research Center showed nearly half of respondents didn't know what type of insurance exchange their state is using. Add to that the various plans and income restrictions, and it's going to be a rude awakening on both sides of the Obamacare argument. 

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Politicians are not helping. 

For example in his mini-filibuster Sen.Ted Cruz once again brought up the claim that the spouses of 15-thousand UPS employees would "be left without health insurance" because of the ACA.

This is false because Cruz is telling a half truth, leaving out the important half that non-working spouses are still going to be covered by the company's insurance. Working spouses will indeed have to get their own insurance, and they can do that through their job or the insurance exchange. 

And that leads us to President Obama's promise that everyone "can keep their own insurance." 
The president 's statement is blatantly false. 

Lets go right back to Georgia-based UPS. The working spouses obviously won't be able to keep their insurance, because they are being kicked off the UPS plan. And that is likely to happen with many other companies as well. 

One more thing, if you think a government shutdown will kill Obamacare...think again. 

The fact is the Affordable Care Act is tied to mandatory government funding. And while other programs might stop, it'll keep right on rolling, because it's funded separately and permanently just like social security.


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