More Details on "New Tornado Alley" Moving into Georgia

6:49 PM, Sep 28, 2013   |    comments
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Earlier in the week, Field Meteorologist Allison Chinchar revealed the results of a new study on tornado alley.  The results of that study show that tornado alley has shifted more to the southeast and away from the traditional area of tornado alley in the plains states.

This morning on 11Alive Weekend Morning News, Meteorologist Chris Holcomb went a little more in depth on this with a researcher from the Peachtree City office of the National Weather Service.  Steve Nelson said the study of tornado frequency and tornado deaths in the southeast warranted that change.  

Nelson also stated that this shift in the alley gives folks in the southeast a little more credibility now when they feel there is a target on their backs for tornadoes.  Nelson said now he hopes that residents in the southeast will be a little more "weather aware" to take proactive steps for severe weather safety.

Once this study becomes more well known, it could shift research money and grants into the southeast.

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