Smash and grab thieves swipe laptops in Tucker

9:31 PM, Sep 28, 2013   |    comments
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TUCKER, GA -- CSR Computers opened for business during a halting economic recovery three and a half years ago.  The last few weeks saw an uptick. "It's a family business," said Chandra Singh, the store owner.  "And we had just started to see a trend of up, which we think which was part of the holiday season upcoming."

But the setback CSR suffered this week was jarring and destructive, and captured on the store's surveillance cameras in the wee hours of Thursday.  A pickup truck backed up to the front door, then raced backward through a metal security gate, and through the glass storefront.  The four thieves took off with armloads of laptop computers and printers.

"They pretty much wiped out about everything. All the laptops we had on display," said Singh. "And it's gone." 

The owners of the family business had seen the countless stories in the news about brazen smash and grab robberies - including several since midsummer in Henry County.  The thieves concern themselves with speed, not subtlety - and the volume of goods and cash they can grab in a matter of seconds. 

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Singh says DeKalb police were able to make two arrests on this robbery while two more thieves remain at large.  (DeKalb police declined comment.)  And the store is ruefully upgrading security - for what that's worth.,

"Whatever kind of security measure you do, it's not going to be enough. They'll find some way around it," said Scott Rippy, the store's general manager.

But they plan to try.  Business had been looking up - until Thursday.  

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