LaGrange viral video shows postal worker driving through front yard

11:12 PM, Oct 7, 2013   |    comments
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Video: LaGrange viral video shows postal worker driving through front yard

Video: Postal worker drives through yard in LaGrange, Ga

LAGRANGE, Ga -- If a family in Lagrange hadn't caught it on video, it'd be hard to believe. A postal worker drives through their front yard and tosses the box onto the porch.

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Vicky Anderson told 11Alive News her son put the security cameras in as "an extra precaution". They'd never had any trouble in what she calls a quiet LaGrange neighborhood. He checked the security camera feed from his cell phone at work Thursday because he was expected a package. The package arrived, but not in the way he expected.

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"He called me, and he was so excited, I couldn't understand what he was saying," Vicky said. "He just said I'll show you when I get home." Her son, Mark, shows her clear video that shows the mail truck driving down the driveway. Instead of stopping there and walking the last 20 feet, she takes a sharp left and drives through their lawn. She stops just in front of the porch, gets out, and tosses the package onto the top step.

"It's so out of the blue, and you're like what was she thinking?!" Vicky said.

Mark posted the video clip on YouTube to show a few friends. By Monday night, the video had 3.7 million views. "We just posted it to show a few people," she said. "We didn't post it for people to say some things they shouldn't be saying."

She's referring to some of the comments on the YouTube page, mostly about the postal worker's size. The Andersons think the worker should be disciplined but not fired.

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