Toned Arms - How you can have them

12:46 PM, Oct 11, 2013   |    comments
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Article furnished by Dr. Jay Kulkin -- How does the First Lady of the United States manage a hectic schedule as the wife of the leader of the free world, taking care of the First Family, and juggling diplomatic assignments and keep her arms so toned?

Michelle Obama's arms have gotten a lot of recent attention and has sparked an increase in cosmetic procedures like liposuction and arm lifts to get that same great look.

Michelle's workout regimen has inspired thousands to get their arms in shape in more ways than one. 

Fitness trainer Kathy Smith, who has produced several workout DVDs, says that many people are becoming health conscious because of the First Lady's muscular arms. 

For those who want to achieve Michelle-esque arms the natural way, Kathy advises people to enroll in to classes - strength training and cardio training.

For those who have spent countless hours at the gym but are genetically prone to less-shapely arms, there are options to get those coveted guns! 

If a dedicated gym routine hasn't panned out, liposuction may be an option worth looking into.

There are various liposuction techniques that aim in getting the flab out of a person's arms.  Many of them involve local anesthesia in numbing the target area and the application of laser technology to melt the fat away and little downtime. 

One of those technologies is Smartlipo.

Smartlipo is a laser assisted liposuction technology.  The name "Smartlipo" refers to the laser that is being used.  Smartlipo provides a safe, efficient means for getting the arms you've always wanted. 

Smartlipo is perfect for people with busy schedules, because it requires less time for the procedure and less time to heal, as compared to its traditional liposuction counterpart. 

Additionally, Smartlipo offers the benefit of skin tightening that other liposuction procedures don't.  So not only are you getting rid of those flabby arms you're also tightening the skin giving the area a more toned and attractive appearance. 

Traditional Lipsuction- uses general anesthesia (putting you to sleep), so this technique is typically performed in hospitals or surgery centers since an Anesthesiologist is required to administer the anesthesia. 

Traditional liposuction is great for high-volume fat removal, but it does have significantly more down time and bruising.  Traditional liposuction also does not offer any skin tightening benefits.  Traditional liposuction has been around for years and certainly has its place in the body contouring arena.

While Smartlipo and Traditional liposuction procedures have proven results there are other, non surgical technologies that tout surgical-like results. 

The clinical data on these procedures is not great. Some use a laser or light device on the surface of your skin to emulsify the fat and your body filters and disposes of the fat.   If a laser placed on the outside of the body was going to get hot enough to melt sub-dermal fat, it would burn the skin, furthermore your body can only process and dispose of so much fat at a time, large amounts could be toxic. 

We all want to look as good as we feel and technology and science has made it so easy to get the body or in this case arms we've always wanted. 

As with any big decision, and enhancing or modifying your body is a big decision; do your research, read reviews, there are a lot of resources out there to help guide your decision making process.

Dr. Jay Kulkin, Founder of WIFH in Atlanta, is an internationally recognized laser expert and teaches doctors from from within the U.S. and around the world about laser techniques. He is a Board Certified Gynecologist and is often quoted in the media and featured on a number of TV networks including CNN, Headline News and local Atlanta networks on laser issues.  He has been practicing in Atlanta since 1983 and is a Fellow (the highest distinction achievable) of the American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery and is the former Executive Director of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Georgia Women's Health Program, which he was instrumental in creating. Dr. Kulkin is committed to bringing the latest advances in laser research to his patients. 

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