DFCS summary of the life and death of Emani Moss

9:37 AM, Nov 8, 2013   |    comments
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ATLANTA -- When DFCS case workers were called to the scene of a gruesome crime at a Gwinnett County apartment complex last Saturday, it was not the first time they'd been sent to check on the welfare of 10-year-old Emani Moss.

When they arrived, police told them the child's partially burned body had been found in a trash can, three days after they believe she probably starved to death.

VIDEO | The life and death of Emani Moss

A case summary of her DFCS file, obtained by 11Alive Thursday under Georgia's Open Records Act, shows DFCS checked out allegations of abuse on at least six occasions in her life, but only felt it was true on one occasion.

The first contact with her came in April of 2003 when Emani was only 1.

They were told she was not getting adequate food, clothing and shelter, but they ruled it "unsubstantiated" and closed it after seven days.

Two years later, in April of 2005, when Emani was 3, they checked out allegations of emotional and psychological neglect, but also ruled them "unsubstantiated."

In December of 2008 they got a claim of inadequate medical care and possible sexual abuse.

A tipster said when Emani asked if anyone had bothered her in an inappropriate manner she replied, "If I tell anyone, then I would not be able to see you anymore."

DFCS met with Emani privately and said "no concerns were noted about the child."

The report said a teacher also expressed no concern, so the case was closed.

In March of 2010, DFCS did confirm physical abuse which were bruises, welts and abrasions caused by a belt whipping when she did not finish school work or get good grades.

According to a school employee, Emani was "afraid to go home" after one report card.

The report blacks out the name of a person charged with child cruelty, but separate Gwinnett Police reports released Monday say it was her stepmother, Tiffany Moss.

The DFCS summary also blacks out the names of people, presumably that stepmother and the child's father, Eman Moss, who were ordered to take parenting and anger management classes.

Emani was returned to the home three months later, in May of 2010, after DFCS decided "the risk of harm had been reduced."

That case was closed 6 months later, in November of 2010.

In May of 2012, the child's school reported belt hits on her back and head, which they treated with ice.

DFCS called it "insignificant and determined to be corporal punishment."

The case summary indicates the last DFCS contact came three months before her death, in August of 2013, when the social agency received an anonymous report Emani seemed "distant and afraid to interact" with others and appeared neglected.

DFCS closed the case for lack of an address and because the tipster had not seen the child for three months.

Then last Saturday, November 2, 2013, they were called to the scene of where Emani's body was found.

The case summary appears to show DFCS was unaware of the father's 2004 arrest for battery and child neglect after he allegedly beat Emani's natural mother in front of the child.

It also points out that none of the other children found in the case appeared to have been abused and why Emani may have been targeted.

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