Anna Benson tells all in interview with Dr. Phil

9:13 PM, Nov 27, 2013   |    comments
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ATLANTA --  In an exclusive tell all interview with Dr Phil, which aired on 11Alive, Anna Benson reveals details behind her aggravated assault charges for threatening her husband, former Met's pitcher Kris Benson.

"I know a lot about defense, I can handle a weapon and if you want to take me out, you better be on your damn game!" she told Dr. Phil. 

Benson rise to celebrity status is rooted with a troubled past rooted in the south, from her July arrest in Cobb County, to her 1996 arrest in Tennessee.

"God has given me all the tools I need to survive in this life because I have been around the block a time or two, this isn't my first time at the rodeo," Benson boasted to Dr Phil.

She made no bones about it, she goes after what she wants.   Like the money she demanded from her husband, former Mets Pitcher Kris Benson, after showing up at his door in July, armed to the teeth. 

"This was in my purse okay," she said in reference to a handgun similar to the one Dr. Phil showed her. "This was on me," she added, touching the bullet proof vest she had been handed. "But then I had all this other black on, so really it blended in, you couldn't really see it."

In early November, Benson entered a plea deal - guilty to aggravated assault and a firearms charge and was given 15 years probation and she was ordered to receive psychiatric treatment.

"I hoped that she had changed and that she would do better with her life because she really got a second chance," said Romaine Evans in Knoxville, after learning of Benson's second encounter with the law.

Romaine Evans' son got no second chance. 18 year old Michael Evans Junior was gunned down in his Knoxville apartment in 1996. Then, a 19 year old Anna, known as Anna Warren, went on the run and was arrested 5 months later. Her boyfriend was jailed for pulling the trigger. Police believed Anna called the shots but charges against her didn't stick.

"I think my son would be alive today had she not been involved," said Michael Evans, Sr.

17 years later, Benson was a former 'Baseball Wives' star and still making celebrity appearances.

"I always wanted to be a television star," Benson told Dr Phil.

"You were feeling good," Dr Phil replied, looking at semi-nude publicity shots of Benson.

"Yes. I'm on the only woman in a 100 years, in over a 100 years, on the cover of 'Sporting News', that was a non athlete. Marilyn Monroe didn't get that honor," Benson boasted.

"Why do you suppose you did?" he asked.

"Because I think I'm really great!" 

During the interview Benson admitted to past drug use including, cocaine and LSD (acid), marijuana and, taking the prescription drug adderall.  She also accused Kris Benson of being an abusive husband.

According to Dr. Phil, Kris Benson's attorney denied every allegation that Anna Benson made against his client.

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