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Colbert plans segment on jailed electric car owner

8:15 PM, Dec 5, 2013   |    comments
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DECATUR -- The man arrested for stealing electricity for his Nissan Leaf says Comedy Central's Colbert Report is planning a segment on the case.  Kaveh Kamooneh of Decatur was arrested after he plugged his electric car into an outdoor socket for 20 minutes at Chamblee Middle School November 2, while watching his 11 year old son play on the school's tennis court.

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Kamooneh tells 11Alive News the Colbert Report is tentatively planning to shoot the segment next week.  Georgia Power estimates that Kamooneh helped himself to four cents worth of electricity. 

Kamooneh says the Colbert Report, which spoofs cable TV news, is planning to send a producer to Decatur to shoot the segment.  The host, Stephen Colbert, will not be part of the shoot.

Kamooneh says he is also meeting with an attorney next week, some of whom have offered to represent him at no charge.  He says Chamblee Police have made numerous false statements about the incident, including

* that Kamooneh had been warned to stay off the tennis court at Chamblee Middle School previously.  Kamooneh says he "emphatically" denies that.

* that Kamooneh was taking a tennis lesson on the court, not his son.  Kamooneh re-stated that he was watching his son take the lesson on the court.

* that Kamooneh had been uncooperative with police who investigated the alleged theft.  Kamooneh reiterated that he expressed disbelief that the officer was pondering a criminal charge, but cooperated fully.

Records show that a Chamblee police sergeant told a DeKalb judge that Kamooneh had swiped $10-25 worth of electricity during the incident.  The judge issued the warrant for Kamooneh's arrest.  Later, police admitted they didn't know the value of the electricity involved.

He was charged with misdemeanor theft by taking, and jailed for 15 hours before making bond.

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