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Ebenezer Baptist Church backs Kendrick Johnson rally

8:46 PM, Dec 8, 2013   |    comments
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ATLANTA -- Next month will mark one year since the body of Kendrick Johnson was discovered inside a gym wrestling mat. There's a new push by his parents for answers as to exactly how the Valdosta teen died. 

And they're getting help from Atlanta's historic Ebenezer Church where the late Dr. King once preached. The church embraced the parents of Kendrick Johnson at the pulpit on Sunday in anticipation of a rally this week.

"They do not accept the Sheriff's conclusion that their 17-year-old child, a gifted athlete in three sports, climbed in to a wrestling mat, got stuck trying to get a sneaker and stopped breathing," said attorney Benjamin Crump.

The Johnson family will stand before the state capital surrounded by members of the Ebenezer congregation, attorneys, Al Sharpton and more on Wednesday. 

They're questioning how Johnson's death investigation was handled, from the autopsy to limited security footage released last month.

A church is seeking closure for a mother who has been waiting almost a year now to know, for sure, how her son died.

"We have no answers. The only thing we ever asked was the truth," Jacqueline Johnson said.

The Rally begins at noon on Wednesday outside the state capital.
The U.S. Attorney for the Middle District of Georgia has already announced he will investigate the death of Kendrick Johnson.

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