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Poll: Georgians concerned about effects of Obamacare

8:29 AM, Dec 13, 2013   |    comments
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(ATLANTA BUSINESS CHRONICLE) -- Nearly half of Georgia residents -- 47 percent -- who participated in a new poll by Healthcare Georgia Foundation say they expect the Affordable Care Act will result in their paying more for health care, with just 11 percent saying they believe they will pay less, reports Georgia Health News.

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Slightly more than half of participants said they think the ACA won't make a difference on quality, while 32 percent predict that it will lower quality.

"It is not surprising that Georgians going forward believe or expect the worst regarding their personal health care experience," said Gary Nelson, president of Healthcare Georgia Foundation, which released the survey results at an Atlanta forum.

Nelson added that while most are satisfied with their health care now, many believe the cost will rise under the law.

Three in four survey respondents said they currently are satisfied with the overall value of their health care.

(Atlanta Business Chronicle)

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