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Commuter Dude: Act of kindness to eliminate hazardous walk to playground

10:14 AM, Dec 20, 2013   |    comments
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  • ROSWELL, Ga - A school for students with learning difficulties is getting the gift of safety thanks to a Commuter Dude style Random Act of Kindness.

    At Porter Academy in Roswell, the path to the monkey bars is a landmine.

    Any youngster would have a hard time dealing with the potholes and puddles scattered over a parking lot of loose gravel. For the students at Porter Academy, the challenges start long before they begin their daily stroll through the hazards on their way to the playground.

    "Many of them have balance issues, coordination issues," said Barbara Richard.

    The challenges include Asperger's Syndrome and mild Autism. For Cathey Camacho's 13-year-old, a walk on level ground can be tough. He has fallen more than once in the loose gravel parking lot.

    "Sometimes his left and right side doesn't work together, so he'll stumble," said Camacho. "One time he fell and hurt his hip, so we ended up at the doctor over it."

    Tired of seeing her students struggle, Porter Academy's Barbara Richard reached out to 11Alive and Commuter Dude. The school is small, and so is its budget.

    "About two or three times a week I have somebody coming in the office with an injury, a scrape from falling," said Richard.

    11Alive found an answer that was all in the family.

    Commuter Dude's brother-in-law is the co-owner of Hemma Concrete. Reg Cook didn't hesitate when I asked if he would perform a random act of kindness.

    "We're going to build a new sidewalk," said Cook.

    Cook and Hemma are planning to construct a concrete walkway to guide students around the hazards.

    "This was an opportunity to pay back something to the community," said Cook. "It's what it's all about."

    For Reg Cook and Hemma Concrete, there are high fives of appreciation.

    "For somebody to step forward and say let me help you and your kids, it just warms my heart," said Richard.

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