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Teen boys to girls: 'Virtue Makes You Beautiful'

10:14 AM, Dec 20, 2013   |    comments
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CUMMING, Ga. -- We know parents are constantly trying to battle messages in society that promote sex appeal in teenage girls, but it's rare to hear teenage boys publicly promote modesty.

Yet, that is the exactly the message in a video made by varsity high school football players at Pinecrest Academy in Cumming.

The video is to the tune of One Direction's hit "What Makes You Beautiful." They've changed it to "Virture Makes You Beautiful."

Watch the video here

The song is all about integrity, dressing modestly and focusing more on what's inside than outward appearance.

Each of the guys who participated in the video had to commit to the premise that they believe in the value of virtue when it comes to girls.

"To a lot of guys, a girl's respect for herself is a lot more appealing than her showing a bunch of cleavage or wearing really, really high shorts," said Jack Frain, a junior.

"When  you see confidence and security in a girl, that makes her a lot more attractive," said Chris Briozes, a senior.

The students shot the video secretly one weekend to surprise girls at a school pep rally.

"There were actually girls crying. It touched them and it meant a lot more to them we did it," Chris said.

In addition, within a week, the video had more than 14,000 hits on the school's Facebook page alone.

"These guys that they know making a video and putting themselves out there," Jack said.

"The name of the song 'Virtue Makes You Beautiful' and God created every girl with virtue and that makes them special," Chris said.

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