Weather Channel considering move to Fulton County

8:20 PM, Dec 20, 2013   |    comments
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ATLANTA -- 11Alive News has learned from a source with inside knowledge - that The Weather Channel is actively considering moving its headquarters to Fulton County.

That source tells us there is potential deal on the table that would give the company some incentive to relocate.

The Weather Channel has made no secret about the fact that they are unhappy with their situation in Cobb County, saying in a previous statement that the county had not provided compelling incentives for them to stay and expand their operation there.

These discussions about relocation and tax relief come on the heels of the braves stadium deal announcement.

After 11Alive received information about discussions over a potential move to Fulton County, we immediately reached out to the Mayor's office for comment.

They told us the office does not make a practice of commenting on economic developments discussions.

However, we were able to ask the mayor directly about conversations with The Weather Channel at an event on Friday.

"As far as I know they are happy where they are," Reed said.

11Alive's Catie Beck countered, "Actually, they're not."

"Well, you've got better information that I do, so I have no comment on that," Reed said.

When we asked The Weather Channel about potential plans and discussions, a company spokesperson said that the company continues to evaluate their options for how to best accommodate the growth they plan to see at their company in the future.

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