Atlanta Walmart employees save co-worker's Christmas

10:17 AM, Dec 26, 2013   |    comments
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  • Walmart manager Quincy Springs and friend Rachel Hemphill deliver replacement Christmas gifts to burglarized employee's family
  • Ryan and Sanquisa's youngest daughter
  • Burglary victim Ryan Jeter
  • Sanquisa and Ryan's children open replacement Christmas gifts from co-workers
  • Burglary victim Sanquisa Bradley
  • Co-worker Christmas hosts Raven Freeman (R) and her mother (L)

UNION CITY, Ga. -- Santa arrived a little late to a Union City home Christmas morning, or at least a couple of his elves did.

Quincy Springs and his girlfriend, Rachel Hemphill, brought armloads of presents to a family that almost had nothing.

"Everything was missing, the kids' gifts, TV, laptop, everything was stolen," said Ryan Jester.

"I didn't really know what to do because what little money we already had, that's what we had bought Christmas with," added Sanquisa Bradley.

When she, husband Ryan, and their 3 young children had their Christmas stolen by burglars at their DeKalb County home last Friday, it didn't take long for friends to spring into action.

As soon as word spread at the MLK, Jr. Drive Walmart in Atlanta that Sanquisa's family had been robbed, co-workers quickly turned into elves, taking up a collection to buy new gifts for the family.

Store manager Quincy Springs and Rachel Hemphill delivered them in person Wednesday morning.

"They're connected to the store and they're connected to each other in a special way and when one of 'em suffers something like this, everybody wants to come in and help out and support 'em," Springs said of his employees.

Sanquisa's family was also invited into the home of co-worker Raven Freeman and her mother, who fed them as well.

"They saved Christmas; I've really got some amazing people that I work with," Sanquisa Bradley told 11 Alive News.

"This is truly what the season is about, it's, you know, giving to others, being there for others and just sharing God's love," said Rachel Hemphill.

It also means lasting childhood memories of that kindness.

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