Preps underway for dangerous plunge in temps

11:52 PM, Jan 3, 2014   |    comments
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For now at least, the skies betray no sign of a winter storm event. But the winter cold event is much more of a sure thing. 

And for those without heat, something as simple as fire in a barrel can save a life. That's why neighbors in English Avenue keep one going around the clock for the people who have no place to go. 

GALLERY | Snow falls in Georgia
VIDEO | Snow falling in Roswell

WATCH | North Georgia and the metro deal with frigid air, cold winds downed trees and snow 

"This morning we came out, it was like 6-degrees. It's cold," said one of the residents. "It's cold. If you step across the street away from the fire you see that it's really cold out here." 

State and local officials are monitoring the conditions with the National Weather Service. For now, they are standing down.

Check the weather for your county here.

However, with lessons learned from "Snowmageddon" a few years back, they have modified their fleet of trucks, outfitting them with both salt and brine sprayers. They've also added eleven new salt barns, strategically placed at trouble spots. 

The high winds and wet ground conspired to knock trees down all over the metro area, causing damage to several homes. That kept crews busy with the clean-up, under less than ideal conditions. 

"It's been a lot of work due to the rain," said one member of the tree-trimming crew. "But again it's challenging to get these trucks into the yard when it's so saturated." 

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