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Gwinnett police warn parents of pitfalls of social media

5:00 AM, Jan 4, 2014   |    comments
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(Photo: AP)

The Gwinnett County Police Department issued a warning to parents about the potential pitfalls of teens using social media.

Corp. Jake Smith says police have seen an increase in teens trading sexually explicit photos and videos of themselves. Corp. Smith says the problem is those images often end up in the hands of someone the teens never intended to see them.

"All the time we encounter teens who've sent a picture of themselves to someone and now deeply regret it," Corp. Smith says. "But of course, by then it's too late."

Corp. Smith says the images are often circulated among classmates and sometimes even end up on websites outside the United States where it becomes virtually impossible to remove them.

The police department is urging parents to talk to their children about responsible social media usage. 

Additionally, Corp. Smith says creating, receiving or distributing the images if they involve someone who's underage is a crime.

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