Researching how falcons hunt their prey

11:52 PM, Jan 21, 2014   |    comments
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(NBC) -- The secret of how falcons hunt their prey has finally been unlocked.

A college professor from the United States studied the physics of falcons' flight while hunting by analyzing birds-eye view footage of falcons hunting over farmland in southern Belgium.

The professor made some interesting discoveries after analyzing the flight paths of both hunters and prey.

Footage here shows perigrine and Gyrfalcon - Saker falcon hybrids flying at high speeds towards crows as they try to grab them out of the air.

The videos revealed that the birds use a kind of 'motion camouflaging' as they zigzag their flight paths when pursuing prey.

The birds also use their wide field of vision to keep their eyes firmly fixed on their prey while it moves in the air.

The footage was filmed in 2011 but was just released after being used for the scientific study.

(NBC News)

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