Oklahoma Univ. officials say no evidence shots fired

3:10 PM, Jan 22, 2014   |    comments
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Police investigated reports of a shooting Wednesday at the University of Oklahoma, but university officials cautioned there was no firm evidence that shots had been fired and have partially lifted the initial lockdown.

"As of this time, no evidence has been found of any shots being fired. There are no injuries reported at this time," university officials said in a statement on the OU website. "Both the Norman and OU police department have very quickly responded as well as emergency personnel. President (David) Boren is at the scene. Normal campus operations have resumed except for Gould Hall where additional checking is continuing.

OU Daily reporter Joe Mussatto from the school newspaper The Oklahoma Daily, reports tha Boren, came into his class and said the noise may have been the result of an equipment malfunction and could be a false alarm.

The initial warning on the OU website reported a "Shooting on campus" and called on students to avoid Gould Hall, the archictectural building, and to seek immediate shelter in place."

In an update, the university said there was "no evidence" yet that any shots had been fired. The lockdown was partially lifted, except for Gould Hall.

Gould Hall is located on the south end of campus near the football stadium, the website said.

University spokeswoman Catherine Bishop told The Oklahoman that there are reports of shots fired in the vicinity of Gould Hall.

Freshman Brianna Cantu told the school newspaper, The Oklahoma Daily, that she saw motorcycles driving up the South Oval as police told students to clear the area.

"We saw police get off their motorcycles, and one pulled out a gun," Cantu said. "It wasn't even a regular gun it was like a freaking rifle."

The university, located in Norman, Okla., has an enrollment of around 31,000 students.

The reports come a day after a Purdue University student shot another student to death on campus.

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